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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Do the drivers accept tips?

    Shared-ride airport rates do not include a gratuity. Tipping is allowed and is much appreciated by our drivers.


  • How do I find your shuttle at the Sacramento Airport?

    If you arrived on American Airlines, Delta Airlines or United Airlines then you are at Terminal A. After gathering your luggage at the baggage claim, go out the side door to the taxi area. Our shuttle will park at the curb next to the brick wall on the right side.


    If you arrived on any other airlines then you are at Terminal B.  After gathering your luggage at the baggage claim, walk to the opposite end of the terminal and exit Door #1 on the ground level. Cross the street to the center island. You will find a sign overhead that reads “Pre-arranged transportation.” Our shuttle will stop there. Do not walk down toward the taxi area as we are not allow to load passengers in that area.

  • How early should I be out to catch the shuttle at Sacramento Airport?

    The time listed on your ticket is the time we leave the airport, not the time we pick you up. We begin the boarding process about 15 minutes before the time listed. We need to pickup passengers at both Terminal A and Terminal B so your exact pickup time will vary a bit. It best to be ready to at least 20 minutes early so the driver won't have to wait for you. 

  • My flight changed – how do I go about changing my reservation?

    Please contact our Customer Service at (530) 891-1219 or (800) 832-4223 and we will be happy to arrange for a reservation that correlates with your new schedule.


    If calling after business hours. Please leave a detailed message and our after hours answering system will forward your recorded message to our mobile devices so we can call you back right away if the issue can not wait until business hours.

  • My flight is delayed. Do I need to contact anyone?

    Your flight is monitored for delays. We can hold the shuttle for only a few minutes if the delay is not a long one. You may have to wait for the next scheduled airport pickup. If you are going to miss the last shuttle for the day, please call our Customer Service Department at 530-891-1219 or 800-832-0350  for options to get home. 


    If calling after business hours. Please leave a detailed message and our after hours answering system will forward your recorded message to our mobile devices so we can call you back right away if the issue can not wait until business hours.

  • What is your Luggage Policy

    North Valley Shuttle allows one (1) personal bag and two (2) standard pieces of luggage for each passenger.


    Please contact our reservations department if you need to transport items such large boxes, bicycles, surfboards or any other items which do not fit into standard luggage to verify we can accommodate it. All such items will count toward your baggage allowance. Call our reservation department if you have any questions concerning your luggage.

    We reserve the right to refuse boarding to passengers who have not informed us of excess luggage prior to their pick up.


    North Valley Shuttle will not be liable for lost luggage. All luggage remains the responsibility of the passenger at all times especially during loading and unloading of the vehicle. So please be aware of you surroundings to prevent loss.


    There is an extra charge of $10.00 for each piece of additional luggage beyond the standard allowance.


    No single piece of luggage or other property weighing in excess of fifty (50) pounds will be accepted for transportation unless there is additional help available to aid the driver in both the loading and unloading of that luggage.

  • What is your Pet Policy

    North Valley Shuttle does allow companion animals (dogs up to 40 lbs and house cats), and trained service dogs (any size) required for our disabled passengers. For the safety of other passengers and to help keep the upholstery clean, animals other than service dogs are required to be in a pet transport crate.


    Companion dogs are NOT considered service animals. A dog whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. If you are traveling with a specially trained Service Dog there is no charge. Limit 1.


    Service dogs help with performing a function for a person that is limited by a disability. Such as, but not limited to, Mobility issues, visual impairment (blindness), hearing impairment (deafness), multiple sclerosis (MS), and other physical/mental disabilities. Service animals are working animals. They are not pets. Further, the task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person's disability.

Office Hours

Sorry, the office is closed. Shuttles run 7 days a week except July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas.  Use the Reservations tab above to book and pay on-line.

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